Technology updates  

  1. Giant trevally, popularly known as Vatta is a good candidate species for brackish water cage farming. It needs eight months rearing to reach marketable size of 700 gm.
  2. The Nitrifying bacteria consortium to mitigate ammonia and Photosynthetic bacteria consortium to mitigate hydrogen sulphide developed by Cochin university of science and technology are effective in improving water quality in fish ponds. Periodical water quality testing and application of these consortiums can considerably improve water quality. KVK supplies these products through Farm store.
  3. Fattening of Milk fish fries for 45 days and supply of fingerlings is a potential enterprise in coastal areas where brackish water ponds having minimum 3 ppt salinity can be made available. The milk fish fingerlings are in good demand in Ernakulam.
  4. Feeding of dairy cows with complete ration is beneficial where there is shortage of green fodder. This can also increase milk fat and reduce acidosis issue.

Table 1. Complete ration for dairy cows*


Content, %

Maize powder


Pineapple peels


Coconut cake


Cotton seed cake


Molasses mixed De-oiled rice bran (DORB)


Chopped paddy straw


Calcite powder




Palm oil


*source: Kerala veterinary and animal sciences university

5.      Teat spraying and monitoring Somatic cell count at fortnightly intervals reduces incidence of mastitis and improve milk quality.

6.      Sardine oil mixed at the rate of 1.5 per cent in layer poultry feed can enhance Omega 3 fatty acid content in eggs. Such eggs can be sold at premium price and branded as omega 3 enriched designer egg.

7.      The vitamin-mineral mixture of Kerala veterinary and animal sciences university supplemented in pigs fed with food waste can increase body weight by 20 per cent.

8.      Malabari goats and their crosses are most suitable for rearing in Ernakulam.

9. Bush pepper planted in pots can yield 250 gm black pepper in one year. The IISR-Biomix BP and trochoderma Biocap, the bio-agents developed by ICAR-Indian Institute of Spices Research can enhance rooting and prevent soil borne diseases in bush pepper.

10.  Shredding of banana stems using tractor operated shredder and incorporating the residue in soil by ploughing with tractor operated cultivator is a practical waste management strategy in harvested banana plantations.

11.  Accumulation of invasive mussel species Mytilla strigate on fish cages can be prevented by stocking adult Pearlspot as bio fence. Pearlspot fishes 100 gm size need to be stocked at the rate of 5 fish per m3 inside the cage and also in between the inner and outer nets.

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